Benefits of Testosterone pellets

Benefits of Testosterone pellets

Testosterone pellets are given the tag ‘implantable’ which means that these pellets go inside your body, binds to specific testosterone enhancing receptors and gets ‘implanted’ in the tissues. Previously there used to testosterone replacement therapy treatment for people suffering from reduced levels of testosterone in the body. But now to top that therapy cure, new implantable pellets are available in the market that can be safely recommended to men having sperm quality and quantity issues.

How do the pellets work?

Majority of the men and women fail to abide by the suggested rules and instructions to be strictly followed when exposed to a strong or mild medication. There are controversies with the varying results in people, dosage standardisation becomes difficult taking into account every individual’s phenotypic and genotypic characteristics. To meet these existing issues with supplementation of steroids in the diet, scientists have come up with this altered invention of oral or injected drugs known as implantable pellets. This has to be surgically implanted beneath the epidermal layer of the skin for a tentative 4 months time span. The modified testosterone pellet implantation can serve as an amazing alternative to all the muddles one has to face with oral doses, topical application via creams and gels and injection recoveries.

It is possible to incorporate more than one implantation of testosterone pellets beneath the skin of one patient, which can give long term effects when compared to testosterone replacement therapy. An article published in Urology Times revealed that 16% out of total 172 patients were implanted with 6 to 7 testosterone pellets, of which 43% patients well received around 8 to 9 pellets and 41% of them received 10-12 pellets. It is noticed that to bring out the maximum effectiveness of the testosterone pellets, approximately 4 months of exposure time is necessary to elevate the hormone production in the testes.

Dosage guidelines and safety measure:

To determine the number of pellets to be implanted in a person’s body, it depends on the age, sex, resistance capacity and early disease exposure of the person. Keeping these factors in mind, it has been recommended by the FDA to take an average dose of 75 mg of the steroid per day. Prior to the implantation surgery, doctors will check for hypogonadism in your body to avoid the reverse effect of the drug. It is suggested for adult males to undergo implantation procedure as with normal aging, the levels of testosterone goes down and to revive that, you opt for hormonal therapies.

Since the steroid has to be surgically implanted in the body, there are chances of developing negative aftermaths if the implantation dose level is not according to the individual’s biological potency. It may result in:

  • Hormonal imbalance and abnormal metabolic dysfunctions.
  • Problems associated with gastrointestinal tract like dizziness, vomiting, nausea and fatigue.
  • Malfunction of liver leading to jaundice.
  • Cardiovascular disorders due to increased threat of myocardial strokes.
  • Skin related problems causing acne and excessive hair loss or hair growth.
  • Severe urinogenital and endocrinological disorders which may result in Gynecomastia and erectile malfunctions in males.

Thus it is important to follow exact guideline before exposing your body to strong or mild hormonal steroids as there can be risk factors associated along with miraculous results.