The Douro River Cruising in Portugal

The Douro River Cruising in Portugal

Located in the southern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal, by the Atlantic Ocean bordering Spain on one side has the glorious history of the powerful maritime empire dates back to 1500s–1800s.  Portugal offers vast coasts and stupendous destinations and has a global reputation for its mouthwatering seafood delicacies. Cruising across the country and the neighboring isles can be the journey of the lifetime. In the midst of severe competitors, Voyage Uniktour Portugal ensures some of the best-tailored tours across Portugal that are also affordable compared to others.

Cruising on the Douro River

Meandering through the Douro River while voyaging will be a thrilling experience altogether. Mostly, the roundtrip cruises start from Portugal’s Porto and stop at Spain’s Vega de Terron which is around 125 miles west of Porto. This cruising is considered as the farthest east cruising.

Exploring the amazing nature, gorgeous places and meeting the friendliest people here will make the trip even more attractive. From the ship, you can get the glimpse of the amazing riversides, the beautiful nature, amazing waters, birds flying overhead in searching for fishes and many more beautiful scenes. When you get the chance to stop by the ports, you can explore the local market places or manage time to explore the heritages under the guidance of a local guide.

As you are voyaging in between Portugal and Spain, the chef on the deck has the opportunity to cater some scrumptious fusion delicacies. Try some Port wine along with the great Paella while enjoying the Flamenco dancers during the sunset.

If you are visiting Portugal for the first time and want to experience the best of cruising here, then opting for this voyaging can be the memory of your lifetime. Though many travel companies don’t offer any itineraries on the Douro River, but in the recent past, cruising in the Douro River Valley that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2001 is a must.

So, you have to be choosy while selecting a company before reaching Portugal. Know about their itineraries, food, facilities and about the number of days they are going to take besides knowing about the actual costs as well.  Do have an extensive research on the Douro Cruising before leaving for the trip. Also, ensure that the travel company you are selecting is reputed for offering the best itinerary along with quality food, bed, and secured voyaging on the Douro River in Portugal.