Top Services Offered In A Posh Spa

Top Services Offered In A Posh Spa

The popular spas are established with some specialties. Some are pro is offering nice massage of different types and styles while some spas offer great wellness and health services. There are only some limited spas that ensure the best of all services under one roof with les forfaits spa nordique à Montréal. You can pamper your body in the sauna or the hot water tub in the winter afternoons in a spa or you can also invest on the different types of massage services to heal any chronic pain or other health issues in a spa.

Let’s explore some of the most popular massages and spa services offered—

Aromatherapy Spa Treatments

Known to be one of the best massage therapies-great for both the psychological as well as for physical setbacks- the aromatherapy massage is the ultimate rejuvenator. Try this massage offered by the master therapists with the natural oil extracts of different aromatic flowers, seeds, bark of tree and other natural products.

You will fall in love with the ambiance created by at the best spas. The scented candles, the soft music, and the perfect strokes on your body will be simply mesmerizing. If you are suffering from any mental stress, anxiety, trouble in personal life, or simply fatigued because of stress- opting for this massage therapy will be one-of-a-kind for you.

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage is popular among people with terrible muscle tension issues. Smooth-surfaced stones are heated and kept on top of the back, spine, or the affected area for a certain point of time. This is relaxing and people are helped if they consult a trained and experienced therapist only. Then the energy centers in the body can be properly balanced as well with the hot stone massage therapy.

Body care

Relaxing wrap, slimming wrap, vitality wrap, seasonal skin care, thermal mud wrap, massage with natural ingredients etc are some of the well-known body care treatments offered by the different well-known spas. Besides, they also offer effective thermal services for enhancing the glowing skin and for the rejuvenation as well.

Sauna and hot water bath

Sauna and hot water bath are refreshing and great for maintaining the body contour. Body tanning is also a great service that many spas offer. You will feel detox and fresh after enjoying these services.

Posh spas also offer holiday packages and special family and couple packages as well. You can get one for yourself, or gift your BFF or spouse this Holidays and surprise them.