Travel Pouch Safety Strategies for New Vacationers

Travel Pouch Safety Strategies for New Vacationers

You bought your travel pouch and expect that everything in it should be safe while traveling. Little do you know that the safety of your belongings can be compromised if you’re not careful.

Many thieves and pickpockets know that tourists carry these to store their passports, credit cards, cash and other items of value. They have devised plenty of schemes and distractions to get at the pouches and items in them.

To avoid being a victim be sure you follow the tips below:

1) Make sure your travel pouch is slash-proof. Thieves have been known to slash through the vulnerable areas and stealing items as they spill onto the floor or even worse they just yank them from their victims. Many stores offer neck straps, arm straps and even the pouch itself in slash-proof designs.

2) Conceal your pouch for travel. Just because your items are safely stored inside doesn’t mean you can freely walk the streets with the pouch out for everyone to see. You buy a travel pouch to keep your stuff out of sight. Wear it under your clothes or really close to you so that it’s hidden from plain sight.

3) Don’t store all of your money in one place, compartment or pocket. Many thieves simply ask for your entire wallet or pouch. If you have everything inside you will have a really difficult time furthering your travels or getting back home. Learn to put some cash in your pouch and the rest in other places on your person.

4) Don’t carry everything in your travel pouch. It’s tempting to place train tickets, receipts and other items in your pouch to have it all in a convenient area, but again thieves make ask for the entire pouch and you’ll be out of luck to replace everything easily. Also, you don’t want to keep accessing it throughout the day. Keep access minimal for safekeeping.

5) Be aware of your pouch at all times. Travel pouches are meant to be out of sight and keep you worry-free, but that doesn’t mean you should completely forget about them. You need to know that the pouch is on your person all the time. You also need to make sure it is zipped and closed every time you open it.

Traveling should be fun as long as you safeguard your travel pouch. Following the tips above should keep you and your belongings safe.

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